Outfit of the Day – 27/11/12



If I’m being honest this one is my least favourite out of the seven that I did. Even ignoring the splodge where I put wet watercolour next to wet ink, I’m not really feeling this piece. I don’t think that it helps that I absolutely detest drawing hands – if they’re not an absolutely critical part of the picture then they stay as slightly odd triangular shapes. Come to think of it so do feet. If it didn’t mean that I could wear rings and draw then I would honestly have them banned.




Outfit of the Day – 26/11/12


This was the first illustration that I did, taking pride of place on the front page of my sketchbook. It’s not amazing but I’m quite happy with it considering that it was done with a time limit. The last thing that I want is to spend hours on one drawing. I’m too impatient for anything like that.

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