Today I’m Wearing – 16/1/13

covent garden ringToday I wore my favourite ring. It was one of the first rings that I ever brought. It used to have a butterfly on a metal coil that sorta came over the top, but that kept getting caught on things and eventually broke off. I got it down in Covent Garden before we went and saw The Lion King. If you’ve never seen it on stage, you have to see it. Spectacular doesn’t even cover it.



Today I’m Wearing – 15/1/13

Picture5I’m forever losing things and today I managed to find my favourite nail polish again. It’s Rimmel London Double Decker Red. I absolutely adore it, not only is it an amazingly bright red but it is also incredibly hard wearing which on the art course I’m doing is a necessity otherwise I’d have to re-do my nails each day.


Today I’m Wearing – 10/1/13

Primark BraceletSo I’m actually quite proud of myself for this one. I’m well aware that there’s some weird things going on with my hand, if I’m being honest it looks a bit Simpsony. But I gave it a go, which is more than I can usually say when it comes to hands. If I can’t get away with not drawing them at all, then I like to just leave them as these strange triangle shapes that I like to think that if you look at them from a distance and squint then they look vaguely like hand. In my mind people don’t really need hands, I mean it’s not like we use them for anything important is it?