Today I’m Wearing – 1/1/13


I apologise for the lack of posts recently, first the internet decided that it didn’t want to work for a couple of weeks – one of the many problems of living in the country – and then I had flu, the not get out of bed kind of flu, which sucked. Now I’ve just got a constant cough, which meant I got the grand total of zero hours sleep last night and seeing as it’s almost eight I’m really starting to feel it, so I apologise in advance if this doesn’t make any sense. There was no way I was going to break my post a day target for 2013 on the first of January.

Anyways this is the owl necklace that my Mum got me for Christmas which I worn pretty much everyday since then. I’m not sure what happened to it when I scanned it in, although it doesn’t look it, it was done using a black biro. I think I that I quite like how it looks now though.



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