Today I’m Wearing – 3/1/12


These boots are ridiculously comfy. Admittedly, I did have to wear them solidly for a couple of weeks to get them to this point, but now, I honestly don’t want to take them off. And they’re warm too. I got them from New Look the week before Christmas while I was up in Norwich with family for the day. I wasn’t all too sure about them to start off with but now I’m really glad that I got them, and at £30 they weren’t too expensive either. It was these or a pair of a shoes from Topshop and seeing as I had holes in my previous boots that I could fit my hands through, so these were probably the better choice.

I used the same pen that I did in yesterdays picture, which is a fine liner that I’ve had for years but have never really used. Even though there’s some funny things going on with the shape of my feet I’m actually surprised about how well this turned out, for me feet have always been like hands when I’ve been drawing – I hate them and if I can get away with it they don’t have any.



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