Today I’m Wearing – 5/1/13

mustache necklace

I really apologise for my absence in the last  week or so, I don’t know how many of you know but the UCAS deadline for my uni application is this Tuesday so I’ve spent the last week working on getting that in. Let’s just day that my internet connection couldn’t cope with uploading pictures while I was working on my application and looking at uni’s, one of the many perks of living in the country. Anyways I’ve still been doing the illustrations each day and everything was written out so now I can get the illustrations up I’ll be putting up two a day until I’ve caught up with myself.

For today’s post again I used my gorgeous Tria markers but this time I used them with a black Bic. I wore one of favourite Topshop necklaces which my friends seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to come up to me and hold it against my face, even though they’ve done it the last hundred times I wore it. Drives me crazy, as in might kill the next person that does it crazy. You’d think they’d never seen it before.



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