Today I’m Wearing – 10/1/13

Primark BraceletSo I’m actually quite proud of myself for this one. I’m well aware that there’s some weird things going on with my hand, if I’m being honest it looks a bit Simpsony. But I gave it a go, which is more than I can usually say when it comes to hands. If I can’t get away with not drawing them at all, then I like to just leave them as these strange triangle shapes that I like to think that if you look at them from a distance and squint then they look vaguely like hand. In my mind people don’t really need hands, I mean it’s not like we use them for anything important is it?



Today I’m Wearing – 9/1/13

New Look Satchel


After the discovery of the remains of several melted, gooey Soothers covering the bottom of this bag while I was on the bus, I think that today was the last outing for this bag. I don’t know if any of you have tried before but getting melted Soothers out of anything you can just chuck in the wash is near impossible. So unfortunately the bag will probably have to go.

What Do You Think Is Beautiful?

what is beauty

As part of my college work I’m looking at what other peoples idea of what is beautiful. For my research I want to know what you think is beautiful it can be absolutely anything – people, places, words, music, things or even something that isn’t traditionally thought of as beautiful. I would be really grateful if you could send me what you think either as a few words or a picture / link to one. 

You can leave a comment, tweet me @Sian_SLF , or send me an e-mail at If you can get any of your friends or family to help me out too that would be amazing.



Today I’m Wearing – 7/1/13

Topshop wedges


Wearing these shoes in the middle of January was either brave or a little stupid. My toes froze, less than ten minutes after leaving the house I was regretting it. As gorgeous and as comfortable as they are, they are not winter shoes. Next time I decide to do something like this,  can you just remind me what happened last time and that I do have a very nice pair of boots I can wear instead.

Today I’m Wearing – 6/1/13




Today I decided to draw the bag that I was using which turned out to be way harder than I thought. Normally if I can’t see what I’m wearing to draw it easily I’ll get one of my sisters to take a photo and I’ll work from that, but the day I decide I want to draw something on my back no-one else is home. So today I worked from the reflection of a reflection. Not easy at all.

Today I’m Wearing – 5/1/13

mustache necklace

I really apologise for my absence in the last  week or so, I don’t know how many of you know but the UCAS deadline for my uni application is this Tuesday so I’ve spent the last week working on getting that in. Let’s just day that my internet connection couldn’t cope with uploading pictures while I was working on my application and looking at uni’s, one of the many perks of living in the country. Anyways I’ve still been doing the illustrations each day and everything was written out so now I can get the illustrations up I’ll be putting up two a day until I’ve caught up with myself.

For today’s post again I used my gorgeous Tria markers but this time I used them with a black Bic. I wore one of favourite Topshop necklaces which my friends seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to come up to me and hold it against my face, even though they’ve done it the last hundred times I wore it. Drives me crazy, as in might kill the next person that does it crazy. You’d think they’d never seen it before.