Today I’m Wearing – 11/1/13

primark bracelet 2Another one of my bracelets today, I was serious about working on my hand illustrations for a couple of days. Still not quite there, looking at it on a computer screen, it seems really obvious that I probably need to look at adding in definite lines to separate fingers.



Today I’m Wearing – 10/1/13

Primark BraceletSo I’m actually quite proud of myself for this one. I’m well aware that there’s some weird things going on with my hand, if I’m being honest it looks a bit Simpsony. But I gave it a go, which is more than I can usually say when it comes to hands. If I can’t get away with not drawing them at all, then I like to just leave them as these strange triangle shapes that I like to think that if you look at them from a distance and squint then they look vaguely like hand. In my mind people don’t really need hands, I mean it’s not like we use them for anything important is it?