Today I’m Wearing – 16/1/13

covent garden ringToday I wore my favourite ring. It was one of the first rings that I ever brought. It used to have a butterfly on a metal coil that sorta came over the top, but that kept getting caught on things and eventually broke off. I got it down in Covent Garden before we went and saw The Lion King. If you’ve never seen it on stage, you have to see it. Spectacular doesn’t even cover it.



Today I’m Wearing – 13/1/13

Topshop Monkey RingIf you haven’t noticed by now, I absolutely love my rings. If I haven’t got at least one of them on it feels weird and my fingers feel a little naked. This one’s the one I wear if I need something that’s going to make me smile all day. I think that the poor monkey looks stoned.


Today I’m Wearing – 2/1/13

frog ring

So today’s illustration isn’t what I intended. I had planned on doing a full outfit today. Instead, I went into town with my Mum thinking that I really felt better than I did. I lasted the grand total of half an hour. While she finished I dragged my arse to Starbucks and spent an hour huddled over a cappuccino, feeling more than a little sorry for myself. While I was waiting for her to finished I started drawing one of the five rings I was wearing – you can never have too many rings. This frog one from Topshop  being one of my favourites at the moment. If I ignore that there’s something quite strange going on where the legs cross, I’m quite happy with it.


Outfit of the Day – 27/11/12



If I’m being honest this one is my least favourite out of the seven that I did. Even ignoring the splodge where I put wet watercolour next to wet ink, I’m not really feeling this piece. I don’t think that it helps that I absolutely detest drawing hands – if they’re not an absolutely critical part of the picture then they stay as slightly odd triangular shapes. Come to think of it so do feet. If it didn’t mean that I could wear rings and draw then I would honestly have them banned.